CHAB's Founder-CHAB Schools, Siem Reap.




About Our Founder’s Story

Mr. Bona Kim made his dream become a reality.

Bona was born in 1981 as the 4th child in a poor farming family living near the border with Vietnam, approximately 400 kilometers from Siem Reap where he currently lives. His family had suffered greatly during the Khmer Rouge regime, losing a number of family members. As a child, Bona had family responsibilities for tending to the buffaloes and helping his parents in the rice fields while, at the same time, attending primary school. Through hard work and diligent study, Bona completed high school in 2002 and went on to study at University where he won a scholarship to complete his University studies in Bangkok. He received his Masters of Education, management and project management degree in 2012. 

While he was studying and continuing after his graduation, Bona worked in private schools and NGOs as an English teacher and a staff of local and international NGOs, and he had a dream about how he could do to help Cambodian vulnerable children and young adults when he would be back to Cambodia. He set up the school, which was supported by local authority and community and then registered a formal Cambodia Humanity Activity without Border in Siem Reap with the ministry of interior in 2013 where he is now the founder and director. Read more...