CHAB's Founder-CHAB Schools, Siem Reap.




About Our Founder’s Story

Mr. Bona Kim made his dream become a reality.

Bona is an English lecturer at the private schools, and worked with local & international NGOs in Siem Reap, Cambodia for 11 years before deciding to start his own NGO – Cambodia Humanity Activity without Border (CHAB). He is now the director and founder of CHAB organization and the man with the dream and the drive to turn his dream into a reality.

Bona Kim was born in early 1980s during a time of strict situation and most remote poverty in Cambodia following the Pol Pot years which saw the death about 2 million Cambodians. The destruction of all main society properties, religions, schools, families, and economies made Cambodia become the poorest country in Asia for over 20 years.

Bona began public school and completed high school in 2002, and he then started studying at University in 2004. He got scholarship of education of Eileen Forrestal in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006, and finished Master in 2012. While he was studying in Bangkok, he had a dream and decided to see what he could do to help Cambodian vulnerable children when he would be back to Cambodia. His life would never the same again while he was being inspired and made a commitment to invest his time and energy in addressing and working with a group of young vulnerable children such as orphans, who came from seriously disadvantaged families in rural of Siem Reap. He likes to see children to get the education and support what they need to make a real contribution to the development of their community and family. He then started establishing the school, CHAB, with the support of the local authorities and communities in disadvantaged villages of Siem Reap by collecting and keeping vulnerable children from rural villages in the school and providing education and improving physical, intellectual and emotional development, and has saved many underprivileged children to get a better start in life. 

Since 2011 around 6 years, CHAB has worked in 2 villages in Siem Reap and is still important function to help addressing issues, provide education and other support to many children and families in rural community. Continue....