Why are CHAB schools in rural-Siem Reap?


Life of Children and Women-Siem Reap, Cambodia

Life of Children and Women-Siem Reap, Cambodia

Why are CHAB schools in rural-Siem Reap? 

CHAB schools are made with love and dream, safe, secure and happy environment, providing for children with a place to play, learn, and socialize.

Cambodia is a very young country. There are around 5.6 million children under the age of 18.

An estimated 570,000 children live without parental care in Cambodia. Poverty, the years of conflict, migration and the rising number of people suffering from HIV/AIDS are the main reasons why children can no longer live with their families. It is reported that at least 6,000 children are living with HIV, but the figure is believed to be higher and growing - one third of all new infections are transmitted from mother to child.

About 36 per cent of children are involved in child labour. Children are found working in agriculture, the fishing industry, in quarries, as domestic servants or are forced to beg and sell on the streets. Donate now..




Life is a challenge for women and children in north-western Cambodia

The city of Siem Reap is located in north-western Cambodia, not far from the border with Thailand. The province of Siem Reap remains predominantly rural. The majority of the people live off agriculture, with rice being the main crop. Many households do not have access to agricultural land of their own - they work as seasonal day labourers. Others make a living in the informal sector where the working conditions are unregulated, insecure and badly paid.

It is estimated that around 46 per cent of households in the province live below the poverty line. A very high percentage does not have access to safe drinking water or a sanitary toilet. This lack of basic infrastructure, as well as food in security, has a negative effect on the health of women and children in particular. Children suffer from malnutrition and a significant number are underweight and stunted. The under-five mortality rate is high: deaths are often caused by water-borne diseases and respiratory infections. Women's health is also affected: the rate of anemia in the area is higher than in other parts of the country and about one third of women receive no antenatal care from a health professional.

Providing children with a better life

Life for children in this north-western area is extremely serious, especially in the more rural areas. Children are often required to work the land too, as they have to help provide food for the family. Because of their involvement in the fields, they often do not go to school - it is therefore hard to improve their prospects for their future. This is why we at CHAB schools make the provision of education for children one of our main priorities. Furthermore, these stressful social and economic conditions have a huge impact on family life, and many fall apart, leaving children without parental care. The provision of family-based care gives children the support of a loving mother and siblings.

What we do at CHAB schools in Siem Reap?

Improving their chances in life through education!!

CHAB schools run a number of activities in Siem Reap. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of the children, young people and families who live in the area. Our free day-care services for educational programs, for example, are much valued by the local community. Children from poor families are awarded scholarships so that they can go to school.

For children whose families can no longer take care of education and health care CHAB provide a loving schools for a new hope and a bright future of children in their community. Many children who join our family-based care suffer from vitamin deficiency and skin diseases. These children often have not been to school at all, or only intermittently, and so we prepare them to join mainstream education.

The children attend the CHAB Kindergarten, where they are taught together with children from local families. To parents who have to earn a living it is very important to have professional day care for their children, so that they are not forced to leave them unattended while they are at work.

When young people are ready to move out of the CHAB schools they join our CHAB Youth Programme when they start vocational training or go on to higher education. The CHAB Centres train English language, computer skill to young people to get job opportunities at hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap, Cambodia.