Donation Guideline & How Send Fund CHAB School-CHAB Schools, Siem Reap




Donation Guideline of CHAB Schools Siem Reap, Cambodia

Our Bank Account Information is below:

You Can Make a Donation in the Following Ways:

All donations to CHAB are made through our NGO in Cambodia. Your donation will support CHAB in Cambodia. Donate and help us spread the word to your friends, families, etc. so we can help MORE children in Cambodia.










Bank's Service:

If you send by Western or CHAB's bank account, it would be deducted or withdrew for service of bank. We have no foundation registration in oversea. You could send your fund directly to CHAB's bank account or Western Union bank. Before you send, you can email us at: or call: +855 (0) 92 688 508.

Transparency Expenses:

We will send receipts and budged expenses to all other international donors. If you are still not clear, please contact us.

Choices of Support:

We are supporting education to poor children of impoverished families, abandoned children from rural villages. If you want to make donation for our project like clothes, school materials, scholarship students, shelters, accommodations and centers for community education for orphan children in local villages, we can advise you how to support.

Give Your Donation As a Gift:

You can make a difference today! Give what you can to those that need it most - every bit helps! All funds donated to CHAB will be used in one of our many project locations to help only the poorest of the poor.

Donation Guide at Cambodia Humanity Activity without Border (CHAB):

Two Kinds of Transferring: Wire Transfer/ Bank Transfer:

Wire Transfer is the cheapest way for service charge, so for big amount of money, we recommend you to donation or send through wire transfer in order to save the surcharge of money transferring.

Our Bank Account Information is below:

Click the link below if you give donation by online. The online donation make you save time and is easiest for you to give donation to support all vulnerable young kids at CHAB school. or

Donate Via bank Transfer:

Internet/Telephone Banking with your bank

Funds Transfers to CHAB Account:

CHAB Account belongs to CHAB organization located in Siem Reap, Cambodia for donor, sponsor or supporter to send fund or make donation locally and internationally. Today, CHAB Account has 2 kinds of funds transfers:

Local Funds Transfers to CHAB account

International Funds Transfers via SWIFT to CHAB account


Sending fund to CHAB account is safety.

Efficiency transferring to receiver (CHAB organization).

It is easy for you to donate or send fund to CHAB schools in worldwide. For more information to donate or send funs by CHAB account. Read more…

International Funds Transfers via Western Union:

It is easy for you to use the Western Union Money Transfer service worldwide. Each transfer can be tracked using a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), ensuring that your money is available to be paid out quickly to your receiver.

Send or Donate by Western Union Transfer—Fastest Way to send us. Western Union is the fastest way to send us. Normally fund/donation will arrive right after you send out. The Information for Western Union Transfer is as Bellow:

Receiver’s First Name: Kim

Receiver’s Last Name: Bona


Country: Cambodia

After You Send us the Money, Please Tell us below:

The full name of the remitter

Sum of money

Details of your address (that you provided to Western Union).

Money Transfer Control Number provided by Western Union

We will check with Western Union while we receive your money transfer information and give you confirmation as soon as possible. If you need further information, contact us: Tel: +855 (0) 92 688 508/ 98 997747.