How To Support CHAB Schools-CHAB School, Siem Reap?




How Do You Become a Fundraiser?

Setting Up Your Own Fundraiser Page!!

Be a CHAB schools hero and set your own personal challenge!! Your challenge can be as creative as you like and is limited only by your imagination. 

Setting up your own fundraising page gives you a quick and easy way to collect donations from families and friends around the world. Our fundraising sites process donations by credit card and automatically send out receipts... so all you need to do is to decide on your own personal challenge and get started!! To set up your fundraising page just follow the instructions for your country.










Give Us an Advice

We know that you all have many ways to invest your time and money in improving the world and we're happy to have you as part of our team in any form of way. If you want to give us advice, volunteer to be part of our board or contact us with opportunities to improve our organization - it will all be a big help in our goal to help better the lives of these children.

As a CHAB supporter you are part of our mission - you are on the one way with us, working towards a future where all children and poor families have access to a high education quality and a better standard of living.

Create Lasting Change

CHAB puts its resources and expertise to work around Cambodia. We serve about 105 Cambodian children of poor families. As part of our efforts to create lasting change, CHAB asks students, communities and partners of NGOs to become involved with issues that affect children in need around Cambodia.

The Easiest Way to Raise Funds in Your Country.

Fundraising at home is the best way: have a CHAB flyer at your restaurant or shop. Ask everyone at work to commit to donate $1 or 1 pound per month each for a whole year. If there are 10 to 50 people in your company then that is$10 to $50 per month. That feeds a lot of hungry mouths. Click online donation..

How Do You Raise Money?

Our biggest barrier to accomplishing our goals is securing consistent funds.  Like many other organizations, we would rather have reoccurring donations of smaller amounts than single donations of larger amounts. If you hold a fundraising event for CHAB, ask the company you work for whether they will be willing to match the amount you raise. You may be surprised how many companies out there have matching grants programs for their employees for humanitarian activities. Although we need large sums of money to keep all our projects going, we prefer many small and regular donations rather than large amounts in lump sums which take forever to raise. We are a local organization: we have no foundation registration in Western countries, if you live in Europe or Asia you can donate through CHAB's bank account in Cambodia.

We are currently in needs of volunteers to help us fundraising. If you have any expertise and would like to provide your charity support, please kindly contact us.

How to Support the CHAB Kids Siem Reap Project? The Approaches of CHAB:

If you are still at school or college or have just left, it is a good idea to find out if there are any funds available there. Many schools will have funds available for worthwhile projects undertaken by current or former pupils and may be willing to help. Contact any friends or member of your team for further information. 
Similarly, organizations and businesses in the local community may be able to help you. Some businesses will have foundations, which are grant-giving confidentialities attached to the profit-making organization. The principles are the same as for writing to confidentiality: identify one which is relevant to you and your volunteering, and write the letter taking into account their criteria for making grants.

How to Make a difference?

With your help we can continue the important work we do to give children a brighter future. Helpvulnerable children and fragmenting families by supporting our CHAB's children and our projects in education, water & sanitation and healthcare. Your fundraising, volunteering, and awareness raising will help children to live, to grow, and to learn.

Host a 'Good Read

Enjoy a doubly good read by sharing a book and at the same time making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children around Siem Reap.

Donate in celebration

Instead of receiving gifts for your celebrations, ask friends and family to make a lasting change by giving a donation to CHAB's Children. 

Become a Volunteer

A little of your time can make a big difference. Become an advocate for CHAB's Children or work in our schools and share your time.

Hold a Fundraising Event

A step-by-step is to do fundraising for CHAB's Children in the countryside villages by putting on an event. Make a difference to our work around Siem Reap, Cambodia for together. Donate now..

Raise Awareness

Find out how you can support us on social media, link to our website, request a speaker for a talk. Choose an event that is most suitable for you. Whatever you decide, make sure you get publicity. Phone up your local paper and tell them about your event, send them a press release and get them to write an article before your event, so that as many people can attend the event as possible. This is bound to increase the funds that you raise.

For further information, please contact: These addresses are to meet for all supports and fundraisers who need more information, we are very delighted to response your questions.