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Give our Wish List today

Give our Wish List today

Thanks you for donating for Our Wish list to provide

educational support for hundred children to deserve CHAB

Due to popular demand, here is a mish-mash wish list to help the willing decide what they would like to do/give/buy/bring for the Project CHAB 2018. From big things all the way down to unexciting practical needs... any of the following would be gratefully and humbly received. We would be very grateful for anything you feel able to give. 










 Give a gift for our Wish List:








Where does the money go exactly?

How much for supplies and for bills (electricity etc.), how much for teachers? How much for bills (electricity etc.)

The money go to electricity cost below:  Donate now...


$ 50/ Month

For the new school of Project CHAB 2018 expenses



How much for supplies?

The money go to school supplies expenses below:  Donate now...

School supplies for all students (Books, pens, pencils, colors for art classes)

$50/ Month

For providing children at the new school location.



How much for the school communication & community’s communication of staffs?

The money go to the expenses below:  Donate now...

Phone call is for daily Communication for all volunteer teachers

$40/ Month

For School’s communication &  community’s communication



How much for copies and prints for school documents?

The money go to the below expenses:   Donate now...

Copies & prints documents for administrative work. Documents for school’s lessons.

$30/ Month

For Administrative costs.




How much for gasoline & teachers for traveling to school in the village everyday?

The money go to the below expenses:   Donate now...

Covering gasoline for 5 Khmer volunteer teachers to teach and take care children at the school & traveling to school in village every day


$ 650/ Month

To pay for teachers ‘gasoline to teach and take care children at the school & to travel to school and village every day



How much for developing and website hosting fees?

The money go to below expenses:   Donate now...

Website for website hosting per year & developing 2 times a year

$ 160/ Year

Website development & web hosting



How much for promotion communication (CHAB school promotion)?

The money go to the below expenses:   Donate now...

Promotional communication

$ 100/ Year

Promotional communication such as





How much for health care?

The money go to the below expenses:  Donate now...

Bandages for children

Gloves for cleaning wound

Medicine for wound


$ 60/ Month

Child care program for CHAB’s new school and in village




How much is the total expenses?  Donate now...


The monthly total expenses for overall projects of CHAB

USD 1140/Month

USD 13,680/Year

For covering the school activities for both schools at the new school location and in the village of the Project CHAB 2018