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Give Donation in Kind Today!!!

Give Donation in Kind Today!!!

Welcome Donation in Kinds!!

Options to Help Vulnerable Kids at CHAB schools in rural villages of Siem Reap, Cambodia

We stand on the principle of transparency in expenses. If you visit our children & schools, you can buy the needs of our children by yourself, or give us your cash then list what you want to buy for our children we can buy for you and send you receipts and update what we get done.

Our projected budget for the upcoming period is available through the following link if you would like to get a more thorough understanding of how we use funds we receive. Please look at our appealing and if you feel moved, we would be very grateful for anything you feel able to give. Please Consider to Support our Need and Work You Would Like to Donate Below:










Projects and School’s Location

Our projects of school are located in the far village. Our volunteers and staffs always get challenges when they ride bicycle to teach students and children in the raining season at our far village in the countryside.

Our Challenges & Needs Today

We really need a second hand car/transportation to drive our volunteers and teachers to teach students and children at the school in the village/outreach. It can reduce our difficulty a lot. Honestly, we are very difficult when our children have a serious problem in emergency case like driving them to the hospital and meet their parents in emergency case. We always provide children's health care program at schools in the far rural villages.  We really need a car to drive our volunteers and medical volunteers and teachers to the countryside villages to provide a free health check and hygiene education to children in rural schools.

CHAB School & Community School Wish list:


Hygiene Materials: Shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washing detergent. Clothing and shoes for children/youth (aged 0-20 years old).

Bicycles: For students and children to go to school or place of work.

Sewing Machines: For families working in Home-Based Production, a family income generation project.

Computers & Office: Supplies in Working Order Either for our staffs or for our students/children. Printers/ Scanners for our office.

General Donation: For support school work, gasoline for Khmer volunteer teachers to drive to school and monthly English teacher salaries of children.

School Supplies: Buy books, clothes, pens, pencils. Donate now...  or Online:

Food Supplies: Rice for children supporting homes in the village and CHAB schools.

Help Support CHAB’s Programs:

What Gifts Do You Like to Give for Our kids’ Future?

The Cambodia Humanity Activity without Border (CHAB) provides knowledge and skills for employment for vulnerable children and youths from rural villages, primarily from Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

How CHAB is funded

CHAB is funded through the generosity of our corporate partners and of individuals like you. As a non-profit, we rely on donations, partnerships and volunteers to provide our fellows with the resources they need to make a difference. With only $1000 in funding, we have been able to produce measurable impact, so even a small gift of $5, $10 or $20 helps create these micro grants. And with an introduction or only a few hours of time with an expert, they can have the access and information they need to move forward.

CHAB’s School does not receive any Funding from the Government

The school can only provide this support with the help of others, it does not receive any funding from the Government, and so it is very difficult to set annual budgets as each month is dependent on the support received.

In a move to provide stability for the school we are hoping that people would be willing to sponsor the support of children and school for a year. Your financial support will go towards the health and wellbeing of the children from the school’s expenses and school supplies. The school often struggles to provide these basics as many donations are often restricted to specific projects.

So your help and support will make a real difference to the daily lives of our children here and we are extremely grateful for your support.

What are Our Average Costs?

Monthly Expenses at CHAB schools in the rural village & in Community of Siem Reap.

$35 a month would cover for electricity.

$ 50 a month would cover for school supplies for all students (Books, pens, pencils, colors for art classes).

$40 a month would cover for phone call is for daily communication for all volunteer teachers.

$10 a month would cover for Copies & prints documents for administrative work

Documents for school’s lessons:

$120 a month would cover for gasoline for 4 Khmer volunteers travel to school every day.

$ 160 a year would cover for website for website hosting per year.

Developing 2 times per year:

$ 100 a year would cover for promotional & communication

$ 60 a year would cover for bandages for children at school.

$50 a month would cover for gloves for cleaning wounds

Medicine for wound:

$ 60-120 a month would cover for Khmer teaching staffs.

Please, Donate Directly to our CHAB Account or Western Union Bank. Every Dollar Will Provide a Promising Future for all Cambodian Children at CHAB schools in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Thanks You to Wish to Give a Gift

If you wish to make a donation in kind, please contact us, and let us know which donation you would like to offer or to which program you would like to make the donation. In line with CHAB's policy we will issue you receipts for all donations in kind, detailing the items donated.

Thank you for considering a contribution to CHAB's projects. We promise to be good stewards of your gifts. That's why we make sure that 1 cent out of every dollar we receive goes directly towards caring for and supporting the children from villages at our non-profit school.