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Be a Part of Change and Help Ensure Every Child’s Right to an Education.

Together We Can Make a Difference!!

          "Project CHAB 2017"

Apply here for an overseas volunteer placement with one of our children's, community, school and health education projects. CHAB specializes in saving vulnerable children, ensuring that your help goes where it is needed most, and that our volunteers are always part of a long term solution. CHAB volunteers improve the lives of local children in local village in Siem Reap, Cambodia, inform of perspectives of Europeans and North Americans, and turn a life-defining experience into a lifetime of opportunity. The most significant accomplishment will be the contribution you make to improve the lives of others.










Benefits of Volunteering: 

Volunteering Gives You the Chance to:

-Make new friends

-Put your skills and talents to good use

-Learn new skills and gain experience in a new area

-Benefit from training

-Work in a pleasant environment

How to Apply? 

Fill the form of volunteer as requested, our volunteer registration form, and return it to: CHAB, Volunteer Service. For further information, email us at: or call +855 (0) 92 688 508/098 997747

Apply to Volunteer with CHAB Today?

The CHAB Volunteer Program focuses on recruiting skilled volunteers with professional experience to assist in building capacity for ongoing development within the organization. Successful volunteers at CHAB are enthusiastic individuals with specific skills and expertise willing to work directly with our staff to share, collaborate and empower. CHAB also does accept short-term/ long term volunteers. Aside from some specific projects advertised, volunteers must be able to commit to at least 3 days to 2 months. CHAB is looking for a range of teachers and education to work with our local projects and activities at CHAB schools and in a community. Apply Now...

What we’re looking for?

- Volunteer English Teachers

- Medical volunteers

- Social marketing volunteer

- IT volunteers

- Local & international Communication volunteers

Long Term (1+ month)

Short Term (3 days or 1+ week) 

Specific roles (as advertised on our website)

Buddy Teachers” (English class assistant)

Develop and run professional development workshops for staff

Fundraising for local project in Cambodia                                 

Let's Talk Money:

Volunteers are not required to pay CHAB to volunteer with us. But... we can’t pay you either. Our resources are reserved for the children, programs and community projects we run. For this reason we are unable to provide housing, payment or stipends for volunteers.

Volunteers are required to provide their own flights, visas, and accommodation and living expenses.


If you’d like to apply for any of our advertised roles, send out the form below and attached a recent CV. Our team will review your application and be in touch.

For Corporate or Group Volunteers, please email us directly, providing as much information as you can.

Please also get in touch if you would like to become a grassroots fundraiser or are keen to assist one of our fundraising. If you lived in North America or Australia and so on, you can be a representative fundraiser of North America or Australia. You make a representative office of CHAB in your country. We’re always looking for passionate and driven people to make a difference and share CHAB’s story.