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Frequently Asked Questions

About How to Support

Does sponsorship allow me to be matched with an actual child? Individual child sponsor has to opportunity to select a child by gender, age and to communicate with him or her if you so desire. This allows you, as an individual child sponsor, to connect with your sponsor child and establish a friend with him or her that will carry a special meaning for both of you.

Project sponsors support all of sponsorship project in community of their choice. While sponsor receives regular updates about the progress of our programs and stories about the children participating in them, only individual child sponsors are matched with individual children.

You Have Options

How much do children cost? You can choose $ 100, 50, 25, 10 per month - you can become a sponsor and help changing the lives of children in need around Cambodia. We do not have child sponsor and we hope you will join this.

By Cash, Bank Transfer or CHAB’s Bank Account

How will my sponsor contribution be paid? CHAB strives to lasting change for your sponsor child and their community through projects that focus on early child development, health, nutrition, education as well as an education for children at our school.

That's Up to You

Are my contribution taxes deductible? Yes, please contact your advisor any questions. How long will my sponsor last? That's up to you. Sponsor is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. Our sponsors have supported our work around one year and we very much hope that our sponsorship with you will be long term as well. Donate now….


CHAB Will Utilize Your Fund Wisely

CHAB has learned that one of the most effective ways of supporting children are to combine your sponsor gifts with those other sponsor and donors - rather than giving them directly to your sponsor child. This system insures that children in communities, who may never have the opportunity to have a sponsor of their own, will still benefit from CHAB's project. You can feel confident that CHAB will utilize your fund wisely.

Your Support is to Resolve Problem’s Children And Their Families in the Countryside

Why should I sponsor CHAB Cambodia? CHAB has continued to be acknowledged for their fiscal accountability and project responsibility. CHAB is one of the most efficient and effective local charity organizations.

Let Us Know You Will Get Details

Can I give a gift sponsorship? No problem, you can share the gift of sponsorship with a loved one and colleague by selecting a sponsorship then message to us we will let you know details.

The Sponsors Get a Regular Update & Benefits

How I will benefit? As a sponsor, you will get regular updates about our works in Cambodia, schools where the child you sponsor lives. You can enjoy a traditional unique exchange by writing and receiving letters. We encourage sponsors to send messages, photos and postcards, and even to visit, if they can. These communications and visits are arranged by our organization, for child protection policies.

Contact Us by Info

Who can I contact if I have questions about my sponsorship? You may email us: 855 092 688 508. Once a child sponsor, you can go to our safe account on our website to make your change. If you need more information before making your decision, please contact our address above.