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Your questions and comments are important to us. Find contact number if you'd like to speak to our founder. Send us an email our representative will reply you as soon as possible.

If you want to visit our school or village tours in the village, contact us at: Khma Village at Kha shool in front of Khna market , Sangkat Chreav, Siem Reap, Cambodia or email us at: | Call : +855(0) 688 508 / 098 997 747.

If you do have an urgent message for us (eg: you are only in Siem Reap for the next 48 hours!), please mark it urgent or give us a call/ text message to let us know your require our immediate attention. Thanks for your understanding.

If you like to donate by GoFundMe online, please click the website at: You can let us know or contact us after you donated. We will reply back to you. We would like to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas, or other comments that you have

You can send a message as following form by completing the requirement field below: Thank You for Contacting CHAB Schools.

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